Focus on the people, not on the paperwork

we are collaborative and engaged in our work with and for your school, throughout the admissions and enrollment process. We understand your needs and build our software to help you reach your goals.

User friendly Interface

Customized interface design for all the participants of Skooladmin users like Principals, Teachers and Students.

Data is secure

Ensure your data security integrity and confidentiality of your School information. Skooladmin gives you a full range of data protection assurance.


Skooladmin will help you systematize the running of schools and make it far more efficient in the process.


Skooladmin software developed to cater to the needs of the educational sector with almost all robust modules and features

School Management ERP Solution

Skooladmin provides a simple interface for maintenance of student information. It can be used by schools, colleges or any educational institutes to maintain the records of students easily. The creation and management of accurate, up-to-date information regarding a student's academic career is critically important in the schools as well as colleges.
Student information system deals with all kind of student details, academic related reports, school/college details, subject/course details, curriculum, class/batch details, transport details, fee particulars and other resource related details too.
It tracks all the details of a student from the day one to the end of the academic year which can be used for all reporting purpose, tracking of attendance, progress in the studies, completed classes/semesters, curriculum details, exam details, fee or any other payment details.

There is nothing to install, nothing to upgrade!!

Just take Skooladmin from your mobile phone browser as you do in your laptop or desktop computer by entering
Skooladmin provides user-friendly dashboards with login access for teachers, non-teaching staff, students, parents and management personnel of your school/college/academy or any institution. All modules available in Skooladmin facilitate all the processes of your institution, from admission to generating final exam reports with transfer certificates when students complete their studies.